Ponyo Set of 3

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Ponyo, has returned with 3 amazing designs for the cinema release in China!
Each design represents a different moment in the movie, and also the growth and progress of the relationship between Ponyo and Sosuke. Each version has a different palette of colors which compliments each moment in time, Version A explores Ponyos abilities and powers. Version B explores turbulent situation due to the exploration of powers, yet Ponyo's pining to always return to Sosuke. Finally with Version C, the calm of realizing their love for one another.
As with the previous Ghibli releases in China, these designs are not the usual cookie cutter photoshopped images, but much rather illustrated based on an artist's interpretation of each moment.
  • Version : Original China A, B & C
  • Type : Single-sided
  • Size : approximate 75 x 105cm
*Near mint condition
*Display and store it with our poster sleeve.