Original Movie Poster

An original movie poster is an advertising material produced by movie studios for direct distribution to cinemas and/or movie distribution centers. These materials are designed, produced and distributed solely as advertising materials.

These advertising materials are never intended to be given, distributed or sold to the public under any circumstances. They are printed in limited numbers, only what is needed for the cinemas and/or movie distribution centers. They are to be returned for credit and/or destroyed after their use. This makes them harder to get, thus creating a limited supply.

Original movie posters are usually double-sided. These type of posters have the same artwork on the front and the back. The artwork on the back is the mirror image (in lighter shading) of the front.

These posters are displayed in light boxes. Because of the reverse artwork on the back, the double-sided printing gives a more life-like look to the poster when a light is placed behind it.

Doubled-sided posters are extremely popular with many collectors of newer materials. In fact, because of the increase in good quality reprints, some collectors will ONLY collect one sheets that are double-sided, if available, and will pass on their single-sided counterparts.