Original Movie Poster

Original Movie Posters, otherwise known as One-sheet, are promotional materials used by studios, cinemas and related parties in lieu with promoting the release of a movie. These posters are exclusively printed for promotional use leading up to the movie’s release and are never available for sale to the general public. The posters are produced on a one-off basis, limiting available physical copies only to outlets such as cinemas and promotional events. Once companies are done with the film’s promotion and release, they are required, either in-house or through the distribution channel, to dispose and destroy the posters.

Original Posters are printed double-sided with the end intent to maximize its effects in a backlit frame. The front and back are mirror image and aligned exactly that when the light passes through the posters, certain details looks more realistic or outstanding. Due to the posters being produced only once, the availability (and pristine-condition copies) of them reduces over time, driving up prices in tandem when the movie does well! Contrary to popular belief, only selected designs are used as Original Movie Posters to ensure the best representation of the movies in terms of characters and story.

The 2 main types of Original Movie Posters that are usually seen are the Teaser (or Advanced) and the Final designs. The designs represent 2 separate angles to the movie. The Teaser Posters are usually simplistic designs meant to invoke key elements and objects that do not need to be explained to fans around the world. The final designs are meant to show (to the best of their abilities without spoiling any plotlines in the movies) the physical representations of all the characters, protagonist and antagonist alike, who will be present in the movie. In order to ensure that it is universally serviceable worldwide, Original Posters are standardized at the specific size of 27 by 40inches.

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