Avengers: Endgame Int'l Final (Pre-order ETA: Mid April 2019)

* Disclaimer : If you wish to opt for the hanging steel cable, do note that the tension of steel cables may cause the frame to wrap slightly. Over time this may cause slight unevenness or wriggles to appear on the poster inside.
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  • Version : Int'l Final
  • Type : Double-sided
  • Size : 27 X 40 inches

*Do take note that this image is for reference only. There are 2 possible variant that we are unable to confirm as of now.
1) The release date at the bottom. Possible variants are, In cinemas soon, Coming soon, April 2019 or April 2019 (The letter A replace with Avengers logo)
2) As Marvel just made a change to the credit list on top.
Danai Guirira's name may or may not be in the printed poster.

* We have confirmed and updated the image for the international version. It is the In Cinema Soon version.